The Animal Health Trust is currently researching


Dear PBGV owner

As you may know, the Animal Health Trust is currently researching whether there is any link between the Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (POAG) mutation and height in the PBGV. The POAG mutation is in a gene called ADAMTS17.  Humans that have mutations in this gene are of short stature, as the gene also affects bone development.
The research done at the AHT strongly suggests that PBGVs affected by glaucoma are shorter than unaffected dogs. Before we do our final statistics, we are doing one last call for more data.
To help us investigate whether POAG affected PBGVs are shorter than unaffected PBGVs we need to know the height of PBGVs whose DNA has been tested for the POAG mutation.
If you could measure the height of your dog(s) and email the information to along with your dog’s name, date of birth, gender and DNA status (clear, carrier or affected) this would help us a lot in our research. We need to know the height of as many affected, carrier and clear dogs as possible, so please measure all your dogs that have been DNA tested if you have more than one.
Please feel free to forward this email if the PBGV you had DNA tested now belongs to someone else.
Please follow the separate instructions on how to measure your dog(s) – as our results will be more accurate if everyone measures their dogs in the same way! If you have any PBGVs who have not had the DNA test, but whose parents were both DNA tested please measure them as well. In this case please email me the DNA status of both parents as well as the dog’s height, date of birth and gender.
I would be very grateful if you could email the information to me by 13 October.
Thank you very much for your help with our research!

Emily Jeanes
Animal Health Trust